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Fisher Regulators

Fisher Controls is the world's leading provider of pressure regulators for Air, LP-Gas, Liquids, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas Production, Process Gases, Steam and Tank Blanketing applications.

Our most common regulators are in stock and available for immediate delivery.  Please call us to check availability for your application.

Pictured at right: Fisher Controls type EZR pilot-operated pressure reducing or relief regulator designed for natural gas transmission/distribution systems and industrial/commercial applications.


RegFlo™ RF100RegFlo™ RF100

The RegFlo™ RF100 measurement instrument calculates the travel of the valve plug and, along with inlet and outlet pressure, estimates a flow based on an algorithm for the regulator type, size and construction.  Currently, the RegFlo™ instrument fits the 2-inch and 4-inch EZR regulators with future plans to include all sizes of EZR and1098-EGR regulators.

A third pressure sensor is available as an option to measure an additional auxiliary pressure.  An algorithm estimates the flow through the regulator and archives pressure, travel, and flow data in history.  It also records other parameters such as battery voltage, minimums and maximum values, etc.  Alarms may be configured to signal abnormal or emergency conditions.


RegFlo™ RF110

The RegFlo™ RF110 pressure recorder instrument is used as a standalone pressure recorder. It is mounted remotely from the regulator. Pressures are piped to the unit and are measured and archived in history. The RF110 does not measure travel or estimate flow. Up to 3 pressure sensors may be installed. Other parameters such as battery output, and minimum and maximum values are also stored. Alarms may be configured to signal abnormal or emergency conditions.

Flexible and versatile, the RegFlo™ 110 pressure recorder instrument makes data available for a variety of uses, such as gas load forecasting, system balancing and modeling, estimating pipeline inventory, documenting unused system capacity, or to check metering.

NOTE: It is a U.S. Department of Transportation requirement to document pressure at certain district stations.

Click here for more information about Fisher regulators.

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