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475 Field Communicator

The 475 Field Communicator builds on the industry-leading technology of the 375 Field Communicator while adding innovative new capabilities including color display, Bluetooth communication, and advanced field diagnostics.  What you get is the most powerful handheld available – universal, user upgradeable, intrinsically safe, rugged and reliable. Only the 475 Field Communicator can deliver all this in a single handheld communicator.

Product Description

The 475 Field Communicator is designed to simplify your work in the field. The intuitive full color user interface allows you to leverage the same practices for both HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. It includes a larger touch screen than PDAs or Pocket PCs, supports HART versions 5, 6, and 7 (including WirelessHART™) devices, and allows you to upgrade your 475 Field Communicator onsite using the Internet.

See and Feel the Difference
The touch screen display uses transflective technology, making it easy to read in both bright sunlight and normal lighting. To make sure all conditions are covered, a multi-level backlight is included, allowing bright, crisp display even in plant areas with dim light.

The touch screen display and large physical navigation buttons provide for efficient use both on the bench and in the field.

The full color graphics capability is provided as standard with every 475 Field Communicator. It uses powerful EDDL technology to allow you to read data from field devices in a graphical manner. Charts, graphs, gauges, and product images are just a few of the ways in which important device data can be displayed using the 475 Field Communicator’s color LCD display.

The weight of the 475 Field Communicator is evenly distributed for comfortable one-handed operation in the field. It runs on Windows CE, a robust, real-time operating system.

The 475 Field Communicator has plenty of memory to allow for future expansion. It has 32 MB of application memory and 1 GB of memory on its System Card.

User Upgradeable

Easy Upgrade Keeps Your Communicator Current
The 475 Field Communicator is user upgradeable via the Internet. Avoid the time delays of sending your communicator to a service center for upgrades. With the Easy Upgrade option, you can download new device drivers, functionality, or licenses directly to your 475 Field Communicator. Keeping your 475 Field Communicator updated is easy.

New HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, as well as functional updates to existing devices, are introduced continually by device vendors. Keeping up-to-date with the required Device Descriptions (DDs) for all the devices in your plant can be a real challenge.

With Easy Upgrade, when new HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus DDs become available, you can simply download them from the Internet and upgrade your 475 Field Communicator. Update at your site, within your control, when it’s convenient for you.

Online Licensing
The Online Licensing capability provided with Easy Upgrade allows you to enable new options for your 475 Field Communicator over the Internet. With Online Licensing, powerful options like FOUNDATION fieldbus can be added by simply purchasing the license and downloading it directly to your communicator.

Universal – HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus

With over 1,100 different HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices available from more than 100 manufacturers, the 475 Field Communicator works with all your devices to positively impact your bottom line.

Through Easy Upgrade, you always have access to the latest HART and fieldbus drivers. With the 475 Field Communicator, you are guaranteed universal HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus support in a single, intrinsically safe handheld communicator.

Intrinsically Safe

The 475 Field Communicator meets the Intrinsic Safety requirements of the listed regulatory agencies and standards. All of the available Hazardous Locations approvals are provided in a single model option (see Ordering Information).

  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • IECEx

Even the power module is approved for installation in hazardous areas.

Rugged and Reliable

It’s called “Field Communicator” for a reason. Some tasks just have to be performed at the device in the field. The 475 Field Communicator is designed for tough use in your plant or mill.

Its large keys and physical navigation buttons allow for one-handed operation, even with your work gloves on. The rugged display is designed to take the knocks and shocks from normal use in the plant.

The 475 Field Communicator’s Protective Rubber Boot provides added protection in the field and in your toolbox. Both the rubber boot and 475 housing are designed in accordance with Intrinsic Safety standards to limit the build up of static electrical energy.

The 475 Field Communicator is designed, manufactured, and tested to very demanding specifications. It is ready to go wherever you need to go to get the job done.

Powerful Diagnostics

Interface with AMS Device Manager The 475 Field Communicator is fully compatible with AMS Device Manager, the industry standard for asset management software. In fact, Control Magazine readers have selected AMS Device Manager as the #1 Calibration Software package for over 10 years in a row.

AMS Device Manager uses the intelligence from field devices to create a predictive maintenance environment. AMS Device Manager allows you to configure, calibrate, document, and troubleshoot HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and WirelessHART devices.

Transfer device configuration data to AMS Device Manager via the IrDA port or Bluetooth interface on your 475 Field Communicator and PC. Take your 475 Field Communicator out to the field to configure or update one or more devices. Save up to 1,000 device configurations in your communicator or transfer them to AMS Device Manager.

Together, the 475 Field Communicator and AMS Device Manager enable you to efficiently manage all of your devices.

Device Configuration Management
Using the Easy Upgrade Utility, you can back up hundreds of device configurations and can transfer them between your communicator and a PC. This library of device configurations is easy to view and print for analysis.

Diagnose Network Problems
The 475 Field Communicator can be used to configure all the FOUNDATION fieldbus devices in your plant.  Use it to perform diagnostics for effective start-up and troubleshooting of fieldbus segments. Create a quality segment by diagnosing the network DC voltage and average noise.

Detect power supply problems by monitoring low frequency noise on a segment. Locate incorrect terminations and faulty devices by diagnosing the communications signal level.

For HART loops, the 475 Field Communicator allows you to verify whether the DC voltage in the loop is correct.

Click here for more information about the 475 Field Communicator.

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